Welcome to Mohan Sweet House!

Mohan Sweet House is serving the people with the taste of purity

MOHAN SWEETS HOUSE was established with the extreme efforts and with a vision in his mind to serve the people of Phagwara with the taste of purity. We have the experience of serving people of this region with the best and delicious sweets for the last over many years. Our sweets and namkeens are famous in the entire Northern India for their delicious taste, quality, freshness and refinement. We prepare our sweets with 100% PURE DESI GHEE with the most modern state of the art technology keeping in mind the changing taste of people. The raw material for preparing the Sweets is very carefully selected right from the Milk to Nuts so that our customers get the delicious and quality sweets. Special Arangement of Marriages, Parties and Outdoor Catering is also available here.